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About this Blog
Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!
I (Diana) made this blog to help educate people
about guinea pigs and to help anyone with any
guinea pig related questions they might have.
Since getting my piggies I've realized that very
few people actually know how to properly care
for a piggy! I adore animals and I want all
animals to have the happiest and healthiest
lives possible. I also use it to post adorable
pictures and videos of my own piggies.
Sometimes I'll reblog pictures of other
piggies too! I hope you enjoy!

These are all the pictures
from the guinea pigs tags
on Instagram.
I can't control what pops up here.
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Snuggle A Pig While You Wait
About Me

Hello, my name is Diana. I was born September 8th 1994. I live in New York. I have four guinea pigs. I love my fluffy baby girls so much. Besides guinea pigs, I also love working with computers (graphic design and coding), playing video games, reading, writing, learning, science, drawing, riding horses, cooking, and racing ATVs. I have an amazing boyfriend who is the best daddy to our guinea pigs.

How I (Diana) became a "Guinea Pig Mommy"

I've always wanted a guinea pig. A few years ago I met my best friend Nick. He has had over 20 piggies since he was young! He managed to help me convince my mom to get one. At the pet store I picked up two piggies and just couldn't decide who I wanted. I fell in love with both right away. My mother agreed to let me get both. Those piggies were River and Inara. My little sister asked for two also. After much debate my mother gave in. That's how Snow White and Annabella came to be. My sister had them for a few months and then could no longer take care of them. I happily took them in. Now here we are today. If you would like to talk or have any questions (guinea pig related or not) don't hesitate to send me a message! :)

Diana's Piggy Knowledge

Ever since I first got my piggies I spent countless hours getting to know more and more about guinea pigs. I've learned a lot over the years and I want to pass my wisdom on. I'm not an expert. I never took any classes on this or anything. All my knowledge is from first hand experience that I've picked up over the years and all the research I've done using credible sources. I do have a few friends who have gone to college to work with animals. They are experts and have degrees in fields relating to this. I run everything I hear/read by them before I post anything here.

About Diana's Piggies
written by the piggies

Hello. We're Inara Leeloo, River Daisy, Annabella Dolly, and Snow White Ily. We we born in June of 2011. Our Mommy, Diana, got us from the pet store called Petsmart in August of 2011. We live in America in a state called New York. We sleep in a big and beautiful C&C cage. We like to eat and sleep a lot. We also love to play. Our favorite toys are tunnels, cardboard boxes, fleece forests/corner caves, balls, paper bags, and fleece blankets.

Let’s be real, I can’t promise anything. My pigs need me.

It turns out college is actually time consuming. Who knew? Any free time I have HAS to be spent with my pigs. I love you guys, and I want to raise awareness about proper guinea pig care and I want to help out new piggy parents. But my pigs come first. I can’t spend hours writing articles and stalking the guinea pig tag for people who need help. My pigs need me. I need to play with them and give them attention. It’s part of being a responsible pet owner. Guinea pigs do know when you’re done and they do miss you. I see it on my pigs’ faces every day. 

So, here’s the thing, I get emails when someone sends me an ask. If you need me, ask and I’ll sign on and answer ASAP. But coming up with new post ideas or starting a Youtube channel is just too much right now. Over the summer will be easier and maybe next semester. I’ll be done in 2-3 years. Than I’ll guinea pig full time [hopefully]. 

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Vacationing with Guinea Pigs!

I’m going on vacation soon and I figured this post would be useful. 

I used to have a friend her took her guinea pig to Florida with her. Her pig was in a tiny pet store cage so it wasn’t too hard. However, I don’t think it’s a good idea to stress pets out with long car rides unless you have to (example: vet that is far away or you’re moving). I’m sure everyone reading this can see why the tiny cage thing is an issue. 

A lot of people will say that you should stay home because you should have thought about vacations before you got a pet. I don’t think that’s fair. One or two small vacations a year isn’t a big deal. Boarding can be expensive and many places won’t board small animals. If you find a place that will they probably won’t care for them to your high standards. (Speaking from personal experience, anyway.) So what do you do when you have guinea pigs and want to go on vacation? Pet sitter! 

I use my boyfriend because he’s the most wonderful Piggy Daddy a guinea pig can ask for. So here’s what I do to get my piggies ready for a weekend at Daddy’s house! 

First you need to pick a person. The person should be someone you know well and trust. You need to trust that they’ll follow your directions and take care of your pigs as though they were their own. Your pigs should also know and trust this person. The person you pick should have the space and time to handle pigs. They should have handled your pigs before. 

After you pick a person you’ll want to do it write down instructions for the pet sitter. You can be brief or thorough. It depends on the petsitters knowledge of guinea pigs. My boyfriend is constantly around my pigs and helps out often so he doesn’t need any written instructions. If I had a friend watch them I’d probably write absolutely everything down with tons of details because they’ve only ever pet them. Include instructions for giving them hay, pellets, water, and veggies. Don’t forget to talk about floortime, cuddle time, lighting, room temperature, and toys. Include the number to where you’ll be staying and definitely include your vet’s name, address, and phone number. 

Next it’s packing time! Here’s pictures of everything I’ve packed for my pigs! 


I measure out the veggies to make my boyfriend’s life easier. All he has to do is dump it on a plate. (Each bag is one day’s worth of food for all my pigs!)


Pictured here is their cage (pig blue thing). I made sure their cage for my boyfriend’s house was the same size as their cage at home. 

We also have their pen which fits almost around their cage. Their cage will be against a wall so it’s okay that there will be a gap. 

We have a box of hay and a bag of pellets. 

Finally we have a bin of other supplies. 


In the supply bin we have their toy box, a box of cleaning supplies, litter for their litter box (I forgot to take a picture of their litter box! Don’t forget to pack that!), tunnels, 


dishes for them to eat off of, and their fleece bedding. 


They don’t get fruit often but they love it. I figure they’ll miss me and wonder why their in a house they’ve only been to once before. I thought a treat would be nice. So I’m packing some raspberry, strawberries, and blueberries for them. 


At the last minute I’ll back their beds and cuddly toys. 


Their hay toys will also be packed as we walk out the door. 



Don’t forget water bottles and pellet dishes! 


This is my pigs travel cage, in case you were wondering. I also use it as their litter box when they travel because the bars of the pen are too high for water bottles!

When you drop off your pigs I recommend spending some time with them where they’ll be staying to make sure they’re adjusting okay. 

I hope this helped! :) 

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For real this time.

I was locked out of my account and than BOTH my laptops broke. I’m starting school again soon (Yikes!) so I’ll have a new laptop in about a week or two. I’ll start posting again once everything is settled down. I’m also going to start making Youtube videos again, except I plan on taking it a lot more serious this time. I have a list of like 30 ideas but if you guys have any just let me know! And don’t think I forgot about that giveaway! I’ll work on that soon too. I’ve been inspired to take this guinea pig stuff super seriously. (I’ll share that story later too!) I’m going to write one post right now and than I’ll see you guys whenever I get a computer!


I’m back!

I was locked out of my Tumblr for the longest time. For some reason the password reset emails weren’t working. One FINALLY came through! :D 



He tried bananas today and loved it.

My piggies aren’t very big fans of bananas. Their favorite fruit is a blueberry. ^_^ 

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A sleepy Rupert laying down in the sun.

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Any guinea pig communities that don’t suck?

I’m sorry, I need to rant. This is probably inappropriate to write on a blog that is supposed to be for educating and cute pictures, but I need to say something. 

I started off with the guinea pig community here on Tumblr. Eventually I discovered the guinea pig community on Reddit too. (/r/guineapigs). There’s so many people on both websites who have no clue what they’re doing and when you try to help them they attack you! 

Since the guinea pig tag on Tumblr can’t be moderated there’s not much we can do about it. I sometimes send messages to people trying to explain things. 98% of the time I just get hate mail sent back.

But OMG REDDIT! There’s moderators and rules on those forums. WHY do the mods let people basically abuse their pigs? Why are people with disgusting tiny cages allowed to post pictures? Why do the awesome piggy parents who try to educate people get made to look like assholes? 

If someone posts a picture of their guinea pig in a pet store cage with bad bedding and a wire bottom and another person comments about C&C cages and fleece the person trying to help gets yelled at and downvoted. 

I want to keep this Tumblr and my Reddit account and try to help as many piggies and piggy parents as possible. But I’d also like a piggy community that won’t be filled with pictures of basically abused pigs that make me cry. 

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Well that settles it, I need a Guinea pig!

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Schweinemärz by Pet-Picture-Pool on Flickr.

Whaaaa? Momma pig taking baby for a ride!

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