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About this Blog
Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!
I (Diana) made this blog to help educate people
about guinea pigs and to help anyone with any
guinea pig related questions they might have.
Since getting my piggies I've realized that very
few people actually know how to properly care
for a piggy! I adore animals and I want all
animals to have the happiest and healthiest
lives possible. I also use it to post adorable
pictures and videos of my own piggies.
Sometimes I'll reblog pictures of other
piggies too! I hope you enjoy!

These are all the pictures
from the guinea pigs tags
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Snuggle A Pig While You Wait
About Me

Hello, my name is Diana. I was born September 8th 1994. I live in New York. I have four guinea pigs. I love my fluffy baby girls so much. Besides guinea pigs, I also love working with computers (graphic design and coding), playing video games, reading, writing, learning, science, drawing, riding horses, cooking, and racing ATVs. I have an amazing boyfriend who is the best daddy to our guinea pigs.

How I (Diana) became a "Guinea Pig Mommy"

I've always wanted a guinea pig. A few years ago I met my best friend Nick. He has had over 20 piggies since he was young! He managed to help me convince my mom to get one. At the pet store I picked up two piggies and just couldn't decide who I wanted. I fell in love with both right away. My mother agreed to let me get both. Those piggies were River and Inara. My little sister asked for two also. After much debate my mother gave in. That's how Snow White and Annabella came to be. My sister had them for a few months and then could no longer take care of them. I happily took them in. Now here we are today. If you would like to talk or have any questions (guinea pig related or not) don't hesitate to send me a message! :)

Diana's Piggy Knowledge

Ever since I first got my piggies I spent countless hours getting to know more and more about guinea pigs. I've learned a lot over the years and I want to pass my wisdom on. I'm not an expert. I never took any classes on this or anything. All my knowledge is from first hand experience that I've picked up over the years and all the research I've done using credible sources. I do have a few friends who have gone to college to work with animals. They are experts and have degrees in fields relating to this. I run everything I hear/read by them before I post anything here.

About Diana's Piggies
written by the piggies

Hello. We're Inara Leeloo, River Daisy, Annabella Dolly, and Snow White Ily. We we born in June of 2011. Our Mommy, Diana, got us from the pet store called Petsmart in August of 2011. We live in America in a state called New York. We sleep in a big and beautiful C&C cage. We like to eat and sleep a lot. We also love to play. Our favorite toys are tunnels, cardboard boxes, fleece forests/corner caves, balls, paper bags, and fleece blankets.